Bruce Kaler M.D.

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Owners Manual for Injury Prevention
Publ. Date: August 7, 2010
ISBN: 9781453770986
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The Owner"s Manual for Allergy Relief
Bruce Kaler
Publ. Date: Jan,18,2009
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Publ. Date: 11/20/08
ISBN: 978-1-4392-0556-3
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Format: Soft Cover

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  In Turnabout, by Bruce Kaler, Dr. Fred Pomeroy, a respected Seattle general surgeon, finds himself the object of a malicious malpractice lawsuit, brought against him by his vengeful ex-girlfriend. Matters avalanche from bad to worse when Pomeroy learns that someone in his office is embezzling; his business partner wants to quit and walk away; and that he will likely lose his case because a piece of crucial evidence is missing. After an uphill battle navigating many obstacles to find answers, Dr. Fred Pomeroy is hardly prepared for the real truth.

Turnabout grapples with real, present-day issues facing doctors, patients, and the health care industry, weaving a tale of personal loss and courage that both inspires and intrigues.

Told with wit, mystery, and with a narrative flare worthy of the best in the medical mystery genre, Turnabout tells a contemporary tale that informs and entertains.